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What's happening to the Bulletin?

Posted on June 15 2011 by David M DeVidi and has been viewed 570898 times.I want to comment on what I think must be a change in the direction that is being given to Daily Bulletin staff. On June 15, the Waterloo Region Record had a prominent story about a show of student dissatisfaction---75 of them attending a BOG meeting---about the decision by the administration to evict the FEDS from Federation Hall as of April 2012. What we got about these events in the Daily Bulletin was a short blurb, reporting a remark made in the the presentation by FEDS President Mark Colphon, to the effect that the eviction puts students "in a position to negotiate" with the university about student space. As a consumer of local media, I am left befuddled about the issue. In the past, contentious issues would often receive a fairly detailed airing in the Bulletin, and the reasons for dissent could often be heard. The present note looks like an attempt to present the eviction as good news for students. Perhaps it is. But Bulletin readers are given no idea about the reasons those 75 people had for discontent. My worry, frankly, goes back to October 2010, to the decision by someone in the administration to tell the Bulletin to remove a link to the CAUT report on issues inside the Balsillie School. Early morning versions of the Bulletin linked to the CAUT report, in the context of a story that presented the University's response to the report in some detail. By mid-morning, the link was gone, though the University's response remained. So ... have we completely given up on the idea that the Bulletin is to be a source of news about happenings on campus, and not merely an outlet for the official university position?

What really bugs me is the lower case u

Posted on November 24 2010, viewed 571856 times.

Why 'uWaterloo' in particular? Why not 'UWaterloo'? This makes sense. This is a reasonable abbreviation of 'University of Waterloo'. You take out 'niveristy of ' and you get 'UWaterloo'. This looks fairly respectable as far as abbreviations go.

By contrast, what we seem to have in our hands is a leading lower-case letter. By the rules of English grammar, this is wrong. This looks like some silly Apple product. The fact that many silly Apple products are also popular isn't an excuse, either. I strongly feel that it detracts from the professional look of the university.

Sean Hunt
Proud UWaterloo

myCareer@UWaterloo - Why Complicate Things?

Posted on October 21 2010 by Avril McVicar and has been viewed 574268 times.I understand the theory behind myCareer@UWaterloo (Although shouldn't that be myCareer@Waterloo; no need for the clarifying 'U"? But that's another issue!). However, I like to quickly glance at the positions available each week -- both internal and external. For me, it is sort of an overview of what is going on in our  community. Now, I have to log in to view this information. Couldn't we just keep the 'old' way of posting, and then if an individual wants to apply for a position they would take the next step and log in? I'm also curious to know if my log-in activity can be monitored . . . I am not asking if it IS being monitored, just if it is possible.